Ranking of researchers in Spain and Spaniards abroad (I): From 1 to 5000

2023 Edition: Ranking of Spanish researchers, researchers working in Spanish Institutions (Spain) and Spaniards working abroad according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles.

         This edition data was collected during the last week of November 2022. The list consists of the Top 112 000 profiles ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and then by the total number of citations. In the near future we intend to add rankings by discipline or academic age.

         For this edition we have provided RoR identifiers assigned automatically from email domains. The aim is not to substitute full affiliations for them but to suggest you add them in your own affiliation section of your GS profile.

         Please contact us ([email protected]) if you discover any error, but we strongly suggest to read Methodology in advance. We strongly recommend to unmark the automatic updating if your last name is very common.

Comments and suggestions

          There are researchers with two or more public profiles. This is very confusing, so all the duplicated profiles have been removed.

          A number after a name means there are (at least) two persons with the same name Please, add a second last name and an ORCID identifier.

         Enrich your profiles with identifiers: Add your personal ORCID identifier.after your name (or in other names or the homepage) and the institutional RoR identifier in the affiliation

         Unclean, incorrect or fake profiles are harming the prestige of the institutions cited in the affiliations and their authors should be notified about disciplinary actions. The use of these profiles in open public calls can be considered a crime and it can be prosecuted by local authorities. If you know about one of these profiles, please inform about it to the Vicerrectorado de Investigación of the University and if it is possible also to us to remove that entry.

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Ranking of researchers in Spain

  I: From 1 to 5000 II: From 5001 to 10000 III: From 10001 to 15000 IV: From 15001 to 20000
  V: From 20001 to 25000 VI: From 25001 to 30000 VII: From 30001 to 35000 VIII: From 35001 to 40000
  IX: From 40001 to 45000 X: From 45001 to 50000  XI: From 50001 to 55000  XII: From 55001 to 60000
  XIII: From 60001 to 65000      XIV: From 65001 to 70000   XV: From 70001 to 75000   XVI: From 75001 to 80000
  XVII: From 80001 to 85000 XVIII: From 85001 to 90000 XIX: From 90001 to 95000 XX: From 95001 to 100000
  XXI: From 100001 to 105000 XXII: From 105000 to 112000 Spanish Expats

Ranking of researchers in Spain (I)