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Highly Cited Researchers (h>100) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

12th Edition         

          The data for this edition was collected during the last week of April 2020 of a BETA list of the public profiles of the most highly cited researchers (h-index larger than 100) according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. The high energy physicists with hyper-authored papers are excluded.

Countries arranged by Number of Universities in Top Ranks

July 2020 edition

        Most of the papers analysing ranking results only use the data from the top 500 universities, a sample that is clearly not very representative for most of the countries. For example, although there are countries where the whole set of their universities are in the upper category, others as important as the USA, that has a lot of universities in the elite, also shows over 2000 of its HEIs beyond the 5000th mark.