Rankings of Scientists : More countries!

According to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

         In order to complement the institutional-level information we are developing a new project, the ranking of scientists based on their performance (h index; citations) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles. Several countries are already available and new ones are being prepared.

Relevant info for future editions

Changes to be incorporated in future editions

          These are the proposals we are analyzing now. Still no final decision has been reached till more empirical information become available, but we are opening our current ideas for discussion with stakeholders interested in our ranking effort. Any comment with supported evidence will be taken into account, with thanks.

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Ranking Web 2015: Edition 2.1 (July data, with corrections)

          The July edition is built with the indicators obtained during this month in order to maintain the freshness of the data of the most current and updated Ranking of Universities. After publication on the July 31th we received evidence of bad practices by a few universities, so a corrected edition was needed. Those HEIs affected are still included in the main list with indicators marked 99999 (see below for explanation), except for the University of Mosul that has been excluded.

"Old" web domains penalizyng university positioning and visibility

Second, non-central, old webdomains with rich contents

A list of selected no-longer the main web domain of the university is provided as indication for webmanagers of addresses that should be discontinued for increasing the global performance of the current preferred domain. That action could improve your rankk in our classification and it also have positive impact in the number of visitors and overall web performance.